I did not know Alek in the past. We came from different parts of Poland. We studied at different art schools. We functioned under different systems. But the beauty of the Suwałki area tempted us both. My house in Mackowa Ruda became the place of the international open air sculpture workshops. Their co-organizer and participant was Alojzy. He also found a place for himself there – an old house in the village of Buda Ruska. In the stables he kept a beautiful riding mare. He built a gallery nearby. The gallery contained old keyboard instruments. He loved and understood music. I saw him for the first time in the gallery. I also saw his paintings there: dense, freely painted bouquets of flowers in the Rembrandtesque shades of brown. They were remarkably different from his ascetic and disciplined sculpture. Alek loved stone and respected its natural beauty. He limited the intervention of an artist to the necessary minimum. He could change stone into river. He specialized in portraits. I am grateful to Alek for many friendly get-togethers with music and a glass of wine in Buda Ruska, and also for my head carved in stone.

Professor Andrzej Strumillo, August 2018